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Continent: Ronanida Empty Continent: Ronanida

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Roughly 5,000 miles wide at the widest point east to west, and 6,500 miles long from north to south.

A heavily mountainous region, neither of the other continents come close to having as much variety in terms of life and culture as Ronanida. Neighboring civilisations, separated only by a barrier of stone, develop very differently, with strikingly different traditions and flairs. Similarly, the mountains allow for a vast variety of biodomes to exist in close proximity to one another. A desert may lay on the other side of a lush jungle, or a sunny coast beside a temperate forest.

Ronanida is divided into four regions, each with a capital city.

Odissia - the Western Region
Capital: Tal’mokor

Kal’kirra - the Northern Region
Capital: Caer Kirra

Gharramund - the Central Region
Capital: Altarona

Candoria - the Southern Region
Capital: Balkoek


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